Poultry Rub and Seasoning

The perfect rub and seasoning for chicken, turkey, and game birds

Our special blending of savory spices and herbs gives your poultry an amazing crust with flavorful juices everytime you BBQ. Chicky Dust by Royall is the same rub we use during BBQ competitions, along with our backyard. Taste the difference in our poultry seasoning, you'll use it forever to get that great BBQ flavor.

Rub it on thick to infuse your poultry with a balanced mix of savory, sweet, and smoky. Makes every poultry dish full of flavor.

Royall Chicky Dust Poultry Rub and Seasoning Ingredients:
Salt • Sugar • Paprika • Dehydrated Onion and Garlic
Natural Mesquite Smoke Flavor • Spices • MSG

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